Økonomi, global business og finans i New York

Har du lyst til å studere business, økonomi og finans i verdens finansielle hovedstad?

St. Francis College (SFC) er et lite, privat universitet midt i Brooklyn, en av hippeste og mest multikulturelle forstedene i New York. Her har de som mål å utdanne verdensborgere, og å gjøre deg til en leder innenfor ditt fagfelt. Med bare 2 600 studenter, har de også virkelig kapasitet til det. Kun noen stopp unna Wall Street er det få steder i verden mer egnet enn St. Francis til å gi deg en smak av hvordan business- og finansverdenen fungerer.


Din unike opplevelse i New York City

  • Campus midt i Brooklyn, med utsikt over NYC skyline!
  • Små klasser, mer individuell oppfølgning.
  • Internasjonalt miljø med studenter fra over 80 forskjellige land.
  • Ofte anerkjente gjesteforelesere med industrierfaring innen ditt fagfelt

Hvordan fungerer gap year-programmet ved St. Francis College?

Gjennom SONOR søker du opptak ved St. Francis College for et semester eller et år.  Velg mellom denne skreddersydde studiepakken eller sett sammen fagene dine selv. Din veileder kan hjelpe deg med å plukke ut aktuelle fag for deg.

Når du har fått godkjent fag tilsvarende 15 amerikanske credits er du fulltidsstudent og har rett til støtte fra Lånekassen.

Hva kan jeg studere?

Fagpakken Økonomi, global business og finans gir deg en bred oversikt over hvordan næringslivet fungerer. Studiet dekker en rekke funksjoner for å gi deg et godt grunnlag for å kunne jobbe i en hvilken som helst sektor eller næring. Du vil blant annet lære om hvordan organisasjoner er bygd opp og fungerer, tilegne deg egenskaper i kritisk tenking og analytiske evner, og lære deg business i en internasjonal sammenheng.

Typiske fag for studiepakken

In this course, students learn which forces impact international expansion strategy and operations, and how industry and/or technological innovation and disruption influence international business strategy and operations. Emphasis is placed on the impact of political decisions related to international trade, the importance of understanding cultural diversity and the unique financial, logistical and human resource issues faced by global businesses. Students will explore entrepreneurial opportunities within a global context.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

An increasing number of businesses have discovered that being ‘green’, ‘socially responsible’, or ‘sustainable’ does not mean that they have to forego making money or doing well. In addition, many businesses, especially multinationals, have decided that it is in their, as well as society’s, best interests to work toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), even though doing so brings new challenges to how business is done. This course has three purposes. First, it introduces students to the SDGs and what they mean. Second, it builds the business case for engaging in sustainable practices. And third, it provides tools to help students determine and analyze when and how conflicts between the first two can emerge.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

Designed to illustrate that responsible behavior can be compatible with a healthy bottom line even in todays highly competitive business world. Basic philosophical and business doctrines are studied and applied to real-life situations. Issues examined include the merits of affirmative action, privacy rights of employees, environmentalism, whether cost savings justify outsourcing production to countries with little protection for workers and whether whistle blowers are protecting the public or betraying fellow employees. This course can be taken either as a business elective or as one of the three philosophy courses required of all students.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

This course offers an introduction to the fashion and retail industries. Students will learn fashion and retail terminologies and will have the opportunity to learn about career pathways within both industries. Students will examine all segments of fashion, retail and related businesses and learn how both continue to evolve in the consumer and technology-driven marketplace.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

This course focuses on the product development, and sourcing processes of fashion brands, from idea generation, screening, concept development, prototyping, testing and commercialization of new products through launch. Cross-functional relationships among departments and managers responsible for the design, production, marketing, and sales are examined. Special emphasis on sustainability issues.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

This course examines the current trends of innovative and entrepreneurial movements in sports. The multi billion-dollar sports industry offers several entrepreneurial opportunities in the areas sports franchise, sports agency, and small sports business management professions and programs. Case studies of sport business ventures in professional and collegiate sports, and the sports apparel industry will be the emphasis the material covered. This course will provide methods and practices of business plans and the financial aspects associated with entrepreneurial and small business ventures.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

This special topics course addresses entrepreneurship activities that cross national boundaries and examines the complex environment of global entrepreneurship. The program blends theory with practical experiences with an existing business and provides an opportunity for students to develop a global expansion plan for that existing business.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

Introduces students to the social media marketing profession and field. Students gain insights about the power of social media marketing and how it has created new opportunities and also challenges – for businesses, associations, governments and non-profits. Students will learn about the different social media strategies and tactics, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Location-based Services and Search Engine Optimization. The class will also discuss how social media marketing can be integrated with other marketing tactics, such as trade shows and direct mail. Best practices and case studies will be presented. Includes guest lectures and group exercises.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

This course is designed for business and non-business students interested in learning the skills necessary to create, organize, budget, plan, promote and implement a wide-range of events. This range includes but is not limited to: fundraisers and auctions, special receptions, ceremonies and commemorative events, celebrations and reunions, weddings and galas, informative events, meetings and conferences. Through hands-on learning, case studies and guest lectures, students will develop skills necessary for creating their own entrepreneurial events or managing events for private or non-profit organization.

  • 3 semester credits -> 6 studiepoeng

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