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Hvor studerer du?
Universitetet i København etter to semestre ved Santa Barbara City College

Hvilken grad studerer du og hvor langt er du kommet?
Political Science

Dette er Silje sine opplevelser ved Santa Barbara City College:

I am currently pursuing a degree in political science. I decided I wanted to take a degree in that after I tried different courses at SBCC, and really enjoyed International Relations and Global problems. I also did these courses: Introduction to Logic, Modern philosophy, Cognitive psychology, Social psychology, The study of Evil, and Crime and human behavior. I also had a couple of more practical courses, which was Hiking, Track and Field, and Ocean swimming. Ocean swimming is by far the coolest thing I have ever done – I went from being scared of the ocean and not being able to put my head under water, to by the end of the semester crawl a 5 km!

I started my studies in 2019 for the Fall semester, and continued for a second semester in the Spring. Sadly I had to relocate back to Norway once the corona pandemic hit Europe and the States, and I had to finish my exams from there. I really miss Santa Barbara, and I hope I might be able to move back to the States at some point after the pandemic, and finish my political science degree there.

I went to my classes which are overall very good and useful. The professors talked about a subject which I had prepared at home by reading some material to that day. In between classes I would eat lunch, and/or go to the library or sit outside on campus soaking the sun while studying. After school I would always hang out with friends, go for a run, maybe go to the beach, study, go to the movies and more.


Dette må du få med deg!

  • I definitely would recommend to try out ocean swimming, either the class or just in general. The ocean is beautiful and Ledbetter beach is so nice.
  • I would also recommend the free food fair at campus once a month which provides you with lots of free food – which really comes in handy when you are a student.
  • If there is any sport you play or used to play, or even just like – try it out! It is an amazing experience to be a part of a college sports team.
  • If you are into partying, I recommend to try a night out in Isla Vista – an experience I only ever had seen in college movies before.
  • Patxis pizza at State Street is the BEST – try it!

Er det noe du skulle ønske at du visste før du reiste til skolen?

  • The professors are really strict on attendance, my professors would usually give a maximum of 3 excused no-shows. Be aware of this!
  • You can fill a student card up which you can use to buy food in the cafeteria on campus, and you use that same card to pay for the use of a printer.
  • Campus area is huge – so you will need the extra five minutes in the morning to get to class 😀
  • And do not worry, there are lots of other international students – many from Scandinavia.

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